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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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This act of communication with the Source is so important that I think it merits including this link:

[link to www.kingofpeace.org]

Every spiritual system has different ideas about what is sin or “missing the mark”. When benign, it is analogous to shoot an arrow and missing totally the bull's eye. It is similar to throwing a “brick” in basketball, a total flub. At it's worst, it can be base evil.

What I like about that self-examination pdf is that we are very apt to miss the sin in our own lives, but see every single miniscule one in others. Reading this, and talking with the Source, when you find one's you've forgotten to ask forgiveness for, well that's one less that you are carrying around. If you find there's one that is a real stumbling block, then you need to make a course correction, or better, look for a spiritual mentor.

If there's something in that pdf that you really disagree with, don't get hung up on it, just move on. People will argue about the smallest things in religion. Very few spiritual people do that, there's no time to waste on little things, and our own lives to save, and a world to assist.

Back to survival....
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