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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Okay, now an expert. Note the VASTLY improved bow drill, carved realistically from a single block, probably what you're doing. Note the size of the drill, it is much wider than the ones the archeologist was making. The smaller the drill in width the more times you must fiddle the bow. Does that make sense? Watch his efficient stance as he pressed down to create downward friction from the bearing block and forms the coal. He doesn't fool around to get the coal transferred from under the baseboard either, which means less time, more heat, and less of chance of going out.

Personally, I like to rub the TOP of the drill along the edge of my nose, as it lubricates it, but you must be careful since if you contaminate the baseboard with the wrong end by accident, it won't form a coal as easily. The truth of the matter is that the bottom of the drill is sharper looking and top is rounder to fit into the bearing block. Therefore you'd have to be a real greenhorn to get it mixed up.

The placement of the v shaped notch and it's depth is vital, and he discusses this. The archeologist had no idea what she was doing.

The straighter the drill, the easier it is to efficiently spin it. The less eccentric the length of drill, the better it will spin. Common sense. Carpenters will know you make a nice long full stroke back and forth, not flopping around making inefficient halting strokes. The long full straight makes for very efficient spinning.

The placement of the boot and using the hand braced against the shin makes for a much better spinning. At first he lets the spindle or drill wiggly around, because the stance is weak. Note how the smoke comes much faster than the archeologist.

See how the tinder is LOOSELY around the coal. This lets it breath. You do not just place a coal on some tinder and blow and hope it bursts into flame. His flame is HUGE compared to the archeologist. Why? Because of oxygen, one of the three necessary components of a good fire.
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