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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Now the same guy explaining precisely how to blow it into flame. Most people don't have any trouble making a coal. They have a hard time making a the different pieces, particularly the baseboard and drill itself. Or most have trouble blowing into flame. Neither is particularly hard, it's just like tying your shoes. You remember how hard that was at first, try describing to someone how to tie shoes, it sounds complicated, but really isn't. Likewise most 13 years can make a bow drill and use it.

Once you build it, you've invested a lot of time doing it. You'll keep it, and remake the new place in the baseboard. The bearing block will generally last much longer, because you're hopefully rubbing a little oil from your nose on the top end of the drill, and the lubrication is reducing friction. I've seen people get smoke in the top end, which is funny, because they're frustrated and pressing down so hard. Usually the rope snaps from the Herculean effort they're putting into the fiddling motion. All wasted energy.
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