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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What is best in life?

Conan the Barbarian "To crush your enemies, see them run before you, and the weeping and lamentations of the women."

We hear that and laugh, not knowing that Genghis Khan actually said something similar, hence the very real nature of it in warrior life. In actually such things are terrible, and few soldiers who actually do or see such things, feel that this is what is "best in life". They usually throw up, and at least feel sick, the first time. It means they're human.

Some don't feel sick, they're able to compartmentalize, which is not necessarily a bad thing either, but it will catch up with them.

A lot of survival types of the ilk that think the fall of civilization will be great have Fruit Loops for brains. Yeah rape, anarchy, starvation, pestilence, war, GREAT!

What is best in Life to you? For me, it's watching my seven year old taking a zipline in the tall rainforests of Costa Rica. It's riding on horseback in the mountains on cliffs so precarious that the horse had to thunder down with great and violent force to ascend the next hill, with the dropoffs a foot from the width of the horses. It's seeing my daughter zip down in a controlled manner down a very tall hill on powdery snow and on skis. It's the candelight reflected in the eyes of a beautiful maiden with loosened hair.

When I read some of the wannabee survivalists I cringe to think of the mayhem they might cause, instead of being leaders, they sound like sociopathic killers waiting for a world without rule of law.
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