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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you do a search on SHTF here, there are several godlike links to posts on free material for prepping. I'd recommend reading and downloading that old information as it could come in handy.

We're entering the very worst time for prepping imaginable with winter coming. Very little rain falls during winter, which means that if you hear that you need to prep in earnest, then it will be very important to store potable water in sufficient amounts and taking care due to weight concerns. Read through the posts here on ideas how to do that.

Collect water from outside sources in winter and traveling to do so is very problematic. Likewise it is very labor intensive to gather water from snowmelt. Google that for some idea of the difficulty.

Likewise, very few plants can be gathered in wintertime, and many nuts have already been taken by squirrels i.e. acorns.

Trapping will still work, and wire snares can easily be made, and this is far less labor intensive then hunting or trapping from making deadfalls or figure four traps. Ammunition should be carefully saved. With many people trapping, expect progressively low yields, and of course lower ones normally from animals dying due to winter.

All of this means that adequate prepping is essential now that there are rumors about the government telling people to begin prepping.

If things get truly bad, one of the most difficult ways to prep is lighting. Batteries run out after awhile, but the new LEDs last a long time. There are new dynamo flashlights that charge up a supercapacitor after 2 minutes of winding. Then the light works for 30 minutes. This can be 100,000 times (estimated) and works without batteries. Regular dynamo lights work with an interior battery that will fail after about a year. Worth knowing for prepping.

The Native American melted rendered animal fat by soaking dried cattail heads over a six hour period. Then they could produce light for about six hours of burning. From my research, it seems to be the best way to light using natural materials. Of course, caution should be used for burning anything indoors.

Wax can be made from two main plant sources: sumac and bayberry. Sumac is what the Japanese use to make candles for religious ceremonies and its supposed to burn well. Sumac also grows throughout the country.

Getting oils for oil lamps is problematic from oil presses based on large plant amounts that must be grown. Some sunflowers varieties produce more oil, but no more than 3 gallons from growing 2500 square feet of them.

Pine resins can be easily collected and burned for short periods. So can birch bark, and birch oil can be made from the charcoaling/drip method, and this will burn well too.

Naturally these may seem like more extreme methods of prepping since it goes way beyond standard 30-60days of preps, but I think now it's a good idea to think long term.
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