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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thanks. Re coffee, dandelion root when roasted makes a serviceable coffee substitute and is even better when mixed with roasted chicory root. Coffee will become very precious and a luxury. They make coffee singlets, which is coffee in tea bags, and it's a way (though much more expensive) to easily make coffee when camping with very little fuss. If people are bugging in, but some of the family is out hunting overnight, then the coffee singles are very handy.

Having a military style metal canteen holder and a stainless water bottle means that you can use them in a pinch near a fire. That might be important versus a typical water bottle.

A rocket stove can easily be made from discarded tin can and some tin snips, and a drill (with a step bit especially). I'm thinking about making some extras to give away as presents. They use a tiny amount of fuel (twigs) versus a lot of wasted heat from a normal cook fire. Wood can be very plentiful, but if the whole neighborhood is looking for firewood, well you can imagine the problem, especially in winter.

Solar ovens can easily be made with an old tire covered with glass. You can also make one from scratch, or use a windshield reflector. Those will all be difficult to use in winter too.

One fairly easy fire is the Dakota Hole. Do an Internet search. It's basically a rocket stove in the ground, and the air draw tube feeds in oxygen to ignite the fire more efficiently and burns more efficiently too. It also can be as easily seen since the fire is below ground. The Lakota used seasoned buffalo chips (cow patties) as fuel, and many city folks won't consider them. Dried cow manure burns with little odor and burns hot with little ash produced. It might be a good fuel source that no one else is considering.

Do a search on Argentina to see what might simply happen with an economic collapse. That's much more likely than a full blown collapse, and much easier to prep for. Stocking up on canned food and beans and rice is pretty cheap, and can easily be eaten regardless. Act responsibly, both financially and rationally. Scaring your friends and family isn't responsible, but prepping and saving money in doing so is always a good idea.
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