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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Many people throughout history have lived on plant based protein since animal protein was too expensive, forbidden from all but the nobility or privileged, or unavailable due to food storage issues. Corn and beans, rice and beans, lentils and rice, wheat and beans, oatmeal, etc were used in amino acid combinations (look it up) in order to provide protein building blocks to attempt decent nutrition.

Having fresh vegetables or fruit was an incredible luxury. That said, many items can be safely stored in root cellars in a little sand. Food items can be dehydrated in a car in summertime making a serviceable method for storing up too much produce. Harvesting a lot of meat or an excess of garden produce can be done in a community way, in order to share the bounty and put up as much as possible and minimize spoilage.

Making a stew shared by several might mean much more variety and better nutrition. It is far more efficient to take turns baking bread, and passing along sourdough starter or teaching people to make pita bread, or learn the importance of long lasting hard tack is vital for survival. A few mealworms adds protein. :) Likewise adding in heart, liver, and kidneys into the stew might not be noticed as much as directly serving it.

Milk will not be available unless you've had the forethought to store dried milk or evaporated milk. In any case, while you can get calcium elsewhere from certain leafy vegetables, any found sources like bones from animals should be added to the stew to remove some of the calcium from them and into the mouths of your family.

People doing more hard labor are remodeling bone tissue more often. This means that the body is pulling calcium from other places, and this can mean loosening of your teeth unless you're replacing the calcium.

Other community organization has been dealt with before in this topic like security, education, medicine, spiritual, hunting, water gathering, etc. It would be wise to band together with your neighbors at the right time to improve the safety of all concerned.

Being a leader, a ramrod, and organizing if that's your skill is important. Many of us have skillsets that will be useful in a collapse, and we can help the community in that area without having to shoulder the load of leading overall. Organizing activities to safely accomplish tasks to most benefit the community is essential. Otherwise everyone is gathering independently and do this randomly and in a noncalculating manner will result in shortages of water, firewood, food, hunted animals, etc.
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