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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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A time may come when we run out of soap, but most people can still heat up hot water. We can adjust our level of cleanliness to a certain degree, but it's vital to overall health not to neglect it too much. In a survival situation, there may be real limitation on the availability of clean water for drinking, but still water can be heated to wash in.

I've seen a recent video by a prepper and bushcraft expert that made me cringe. This video was from a person I really admire too. It's very important to always clean your food safely, and this includes cooking pots.

In their video, they mention using wood ash to the water in order to create a weak lye solution. That is correct. Soap is essentially a mixture of lye and rendered fat or plant oil, and the oil isn't absolutely important, but it sure helps. Regardless, you must use hot water in order to adequately kill pathogens. You can get a little too loosey goosey with hygiene when you're a big strapping man, but then big strappin' trappers died of poor hygiene routinely during the pioneer days.

You need several large plastic buckets for cleaning. Keep cleaning buckets separate for bathing and cleaning dishes. It might seem fine to minimize containers, but in reality we all have lots of cellular debris and fecal material on ourselves. People touch their faces and bodies several thousand times a day, and after using the restroom, butchering up meats, etc. Use a little common sense about it.

Some very strong dish detergent or laundry detergent or a concentrated soap like Dr. Bronner's will all work well for cleaning dishes and washing up. Research ways kill bacteria like using a mild bleach solution or adding in a tiny amount of tea tree oil.

You can make things like a pot scrubber from splintering up branches or grasses, but they should be washed first, and discarded. It's not hard to make them, and that's more important that filling them with food particles and providing a perfect place for breeding bacteria.

Lots of things can slide when you live in a warm home indoors with piping hot water and abundant soap. In the wild you need to take extra care since you're hurrying to do unfamiliar chores, and haphazard hygiene can result.

Otherwise expect lots of diarrhea , infections, amebic dysentery, and parasitic worms. Having these when malnourished and living in tight poorly heated and ventilated temporary homes will mean passing around those illnesses.
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