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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Excellent thread OP. Please post more.

Could you message me please?
 Quoting: Me too

I'm happy to leave more posts, but I tend to read through all of these old ones, and look for some one new information that I haven't covered yet.

I don't message folks, but I'd be happy to answer questions here to the best of my ability. Given the current political climate, I'd recommend that folks maintain a pretty high OpSec given the type of faux postings that mind occur to scope out and invade folk's privacy.

I'd encourage people to watch some videos online about ways to prep. There's a lot of wannabee preppers who're a bit touched in the head. The one's who are attempting to prepare in rational ways and learning sustainable skills and learning how to live in harmony with Nature and hunt and fish using the old skills, those are the ones I watch. All of the useful ones that you find can be downloaded and stored, but the best way to learn is to actually try them.

Of course certain skills like finding, identifying, and eating wild edibles need to be done with a mentor. There generally are a lot of people like Scoutmasters, hunters, naturalists, old grannies, biologists, etc who are only to happy to pass that kind of skill along.

There are many nature guides like the Audubon society or Peterson's or whatever. Sometimes believe it or not, a picture can be superior to a photo. Knowing what the tree looks like in all seasons is vital, as you might be harvest from a sapling or a very big tree in winter and they can look very different.

A very good way to gather water is to tap a birch or maple. It isn't hard to make a spile, or simply drill a little into the cambium of the tree and poke a stick for the sap to seep out and downward and into a container. This will be pure water with a little glucose, and both birch and maple can be found just about everywhere, and almost everyone can identify and tap a tree easily. You can make a spile from a sumac branch since it's pithy inside, or you can also make one from willow. That's four trees that are great to know, and if you knew those plus pine, then you could gather:
1. Pine resin for firestarter and rudimentary candles and medicine and waterprofing.
2. Birchbark for baskets, torches, birch oil for waterprofing and oil lamps.
3. Maple for maple syrup, water, very god charcoal for brushing teeth, excellent recurve bows (osage is better).
4. Sumac berries for tea, extracting wax, pithy branches for pipes, flutes, spiles, etc.
5. Willow for making baskets, a source of aspirin from bark, edible spring flowers, charcoal, spiles, etc.

Oak would be the next to learn as of course:
Edible acorns (once tannins are leached away), tannic acid for making leather, medicine, white oak for strong tools and weapons, etc.

See how easy this is, and how wonderful.
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