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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thanks. If anyone want a post on a particular aspect, I'd be happy to write it. While many people have read and starred it, few have commented on it. There are many topics I could write about, just reticent to discuss medicine, though the role of medicine, minus normal medicine to dispense, and utilizing good nutrition, exercise, water, and massage will all become crucial if we suffer something like a severe economic collapse like the Great Depression. Prior to the role of regular availability of medicines, only patent medicines could be purchased and they didn't do anything and might actually have poisoned people.

Medicine prior to about 1920 was called Osteopathic medicine, and these folks called Doctors of Osteopathic medicine still practice today as regular doctors called DOs. After 1920, new medical schools called Allopatic medicine emphasized the importance of isolated medical compounds like aspirin (Salicylic acid) from plants like White Willow bark. Those folks are MDs.

If we don't have medicines from a collapse since so many are produced overseas, then we could see shortages and rationing. This could mean that we'd have to return to some herbal remedies that originally stored the compound, and dispense those. The Pioneers kept several of them in glass containers or collected them. That way they could both treat illness or stave it off from eating correctly.

Many people eat fortified foods. Whether they realize it or not, much of packaged food like cereals contain vitamins and minerals to boost the ersatz breakfast cereals that largely contain wood fiber. Look it up. We might see a return to some nutritional deificiencies like scurvy, rickets, pellagra, etc from not eating right, or lacking a variety, or not eating fortified foods. Think iodine, folic acid deficientcies (very problematic for pregnant moms) etc.
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