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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I am right and you are wrong

People allow the aspects that we are most passionate about to divide us. Doesn't that seem strange? This tends to be about conversion. The other person doesn't accept out beliefs and we are passionate about them. If both are stubborn and insist that, “I am right and you are wrong.”then there tends to be conflict based upon the intensity of passion. The conflict comes to a head, like a nasty infected wound that turns into a boil, when we insist on converting the other.

In the old days, people self-segregated by their core beliefs. It was a way to avoid conflict by being with like-minded people. As a population increases in an area, more mini-communities tend to form and they encroach on each other. That means some conflict becomes inevitable as cities become a collection of communities with disparate beliefs.

Because the size of the city we live in tends to be more than 500 people (tribes), it is very difficult to self-segregate based upon core beliefs. Being a nation composed of specialists, we flock to cities where the other person provides a special service that makes us press down our need to be around like-minded people for pragmatic reasons. The more that people are unhappy though, and the more that those specialists can't provide their services, and if security is an issue, people will realize that most of the people around you don't share your idea of community.

Think about it this way, why do gangs form? Gangs are in essence a way to self-segregate in order to provide more security for like-minded people, but a perversion of the idea since they don't posses normal tribal skills. They don't posses teachers, healers, gardeners, hunters, shepherds. They only possess soldiers, and much of the time dedicated soldiers are only needed when another tribe attacks. Most of the time the tribe fulfills duties other than being soldiers.

Immigrants new to a city, will often self-segregate based upon a healthy way to form a tribe, and provide skills to each other, based upon skill level and trust. I know, I used to work with immigrants and greatly enjoyed the idea of people loving America so much, for its wonderful freedoms, and working hard to improve their lot, and add their strength to my nation, but still staying together for support. Most came because they had similar beliefs like their spirituality, and so seeing what was common to the both of us, rather than seeing what was different, it was easy for me to help them. That's reframing based upon deeper core beliefs and the love of the Source.

Trying to convince people, we tend to say or do things to influence their core beliefs. That's difficult, mostly impossible, unless there is some impetus for a change, a reason to reexamine those ideas and their validity. That almost always happens as a seed is placed on the soil of another's open mind. A healthy true debate, something that almost never happens, is about the exchange of ideas based upon experience, that one person believes is Truth.

Since those ideas happen slowly and grow, just like seeds that germinate and give rise to primary leaves, then based upon experiences and analysis, arise into secondary leaves and grow so strong that they bear fruit. Pruning happens as ideas are discarded, and more energy is committed to valid ideas and they form the basic plant within our hearts.

You might have the most accurate version of the Truth, but you never possess all Truth. I think that the Source provides all Truth, but my feeble mind, no matter how honed, cannot grasp the immense Truth f it. I am human. That's humility.

When we see Truth in others, and they are honorable, intelligent, persuasive, and their actions are in alliance with their words, then the Truth that they speak is easier to listen to. This means the other person at that moment is more willing to accept our core beliefs as tiny seeds and it might be able to grow based upon proper soil, healthy ability to nurture it, and less pruning of it as it matures. In time, that seed can entirely overcome whatever core beliefs that once were within their hearts. No mustard seed grew overnight, and insisting that it does, kills the seed.

Thoughtful people, will be willing to consider the validity of ideas, but seldom will those imported ideas grow so much that they supersede the other person's core beliefs. That process is startling conversion. It seldom can take root, find enough fertile soil, and blossom into fruit.

The earlier story about the yeast from the Source is the only catalyst or agent of change that I know that can transform lives in that way. It is so powerful, but you must yield to it because you feel its Love. Yeast does not make more yeast when added to the wheat. It makes bread. If you believe in the Source, and allow its yeast to transform your ideas of Truth, then you will become something entirely transformed. If you are like the woman, who was willing to use her hands, and work to knead the yeast into the wheat, then your actions have the chance to make bread. Trying to knead more yeast to make more yeast is not what the Source asks us to do.

The Son who came to tell us about the Source, His words and actions prove He was the Truth made living. His words showed us the Way to act. He is the Way, the Truth, the Life. If you accept that, then you have to be willing to let that overcome the other plant in your heart.

He must increase and you must decrease.
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