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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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[link to en.wikipedia.org]
The rest of the story. We'll never what really happened as those who were witnesses have died, and accounts very. I encourage to read this, as it can offer a glimpse of what can happen when two tribes meet and fight for the same lands.

When President Lincoln met with the Bishop of the people, he agree that the situation of complex, but that some Native Americans had to die, otherwise there would be riots, and more violence.

Lincoln said, "I will commute the sentence from 303 Sioux (Lakota) who will be hanged, to 39 warriors, but YOU must chose who will be executed.

It took a long time to ride by train from Washington DC to the Dakotas with the news. The Bishop was horrified. Many of those warriors had nothing to do with the attack. He agonized for many days over the decision.

When he arrived, he told the people the news. By one account, 39 Christians volunteered to be executed. They said, "We know where we are going. This life doesn't matter. We go to the Great Mystery (also interpreted as The Great Spirit Wa­kan­ tan­ka). On the way to their gallows, they sang what has become known as the Dakota Hymn in the post above.

If things get bad, many terrible things might occur, and Christians might get blamed or innocents of other spiritual traditions for the actions of others. That is the way of history.
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