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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Preventing and Temporarily Treating Frostbite (continued)

Did you notice that I slid in there that when you're bugging out = being homeless. That's pretty straight forward, but I've never heard someone come right out and say it. All these survivalists types or poorly prepared types are saying that if things get bad, they'll pack 72 hours of supplies and voluntarily become homeless. Can you see why if you lack a healthy attitude, an ability to reframe, survival skills, and spiritual awareness of the Source that you're not going to be able to do that?

Back to frostbite. Okay you look down at now numb fingers that feel no pain. Test carefully for nerve damage. Be gingerly with the tissue. Obvious signs are black fingers (on light skinned folks), but there's little you can do then. The tissue can be warmed up with luckwarm water no hotter than 100 degrees in order to attempt to return circulation to the extremities.

You'll say yuck, but each of us carries the ability to produce liquid at body temperature- urine. It's sterile, and will bring the tissue up at the right temperature. Obviously you need to be out of the wind and cold to do this as the wet tissue will get cold again. After finding some way of gently washing away the urine with clear water, you need to bandage it gently and seek immediate medical attention. Think, you very well might be able to find clean water, but not necessarily hot water. It's impossible to treat this at home without gangrene. Wounds seldom get gangrenous nowadays with emergency rooms and most people living stable lives. It happened all the time during war, famine, the Depression, and other times of instability. A small untreated wound could get infected or frostbite could kill tissue and afterwards since there no blood supply to the tissue, it rots.

Imagine you determine that you have frostbite on your feet or those of a child you're traveling with. The more you walk on broken damaged tissue, the more damage you're creating. Expect amputation.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The way we have to treating frostbite is extremely expensive. It mostly involves rewarming, surgery, antibiotics, and painful physical therapy and very possible prosthesis. All of those things might be beyond a homeless person.

As your hands or theirs get cold, you can bring that part of the extremity in contact with your core body like your belly or armpit. This skin is far warmer and can slowly bring up the temperature and restore circulation. If you're sleeping and cold, it's far better to wear layers, insulate your body up and off from the cold ground, huddle together, and pull over a blanket.

Realize that being homeless implies being dirty. There just are limited ways to stay clean (like the earlier article I wrote about wood ash and water), so you're body will have much more bacteria on it. This means that any kind of wound is many times more vulnerable to infection.

The period from now until March is a particularly difficult time for survival. I pray that things stay the same or get more stable else we could see lots of unusual medical conditions from nonstandard populations.
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