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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The White House Coup d'état 1933

It's a matter of historical record that in 1933, elite owners of the US's top industries attempted a coup d'état. They sent a representative to meet with Retired General Smedley Butler, and in a series of meetings mapped out a plan to seize power by declared that FDR was ill. The only reason that it didn't happen was that Gen. Butler was a patriot.

Earlier during the Bonus March, WW1 veterans had marched on Washington in order to motivate congress to release promised funds early. See earlier posts. Gen. Butler had supported the Bonus March and had spoken directly to them, a broadcast that can be seen in archived footage.

Because the troops admired him, the cabal had planned for him to create a 500,000 strong army of veterans to seize control in Washington. Realize that the army of the time period was very weak. We were isolationists at the time. There were only rumblings of the growing Fascist movement.

A special investigator committee was held, but much of the investigation was censored. A short BBC radio program can be heard which details their findings. It's probably the closest we've come to an initial revolution in this country.

The elite had in many cases received advanced warning of the 1929 Crash, had pulled out their money, then repurchased securities at bargain prices.

Many were secret Fascists, and there is clear evidence that the Bush fortunes were partially made with movie invested with the Nazi's. It's a matter of record, not a conspiracy theory.

Watch the videos, it's only 30 minutes in length.

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