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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The best communities work so that all people(individuals) provide supplies and services within them. Since most individuals will naturally work for their betterment, then the trade of their supplies and services will tend to make them choose to be in a community in order to achieve them and be secure.

Some individuals may seek to take away that freedom of self-determination. That's injustice as each of us are given that freedom from the Source. Any community that seeks to take away the freedom of another community is committing war against them.

In a SHTF scenario, because things are insecure, individuals will most certainly encounter those who will limit their self-determination. The worst forms of government will impose on individuals and communities ...limits on freedom. That is usually unjust.

Since we lend authority as individuals to the nation, and if any groups attempt to limit our freedom, why should we lend them our authority? Restricting the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights to individuals is breaking the the freedom of the individual. It is treasonous.

I put it to you that taxing individuals beyond what is specifically allowed by the Constitution, and then giving it back inefficiently is ill-advised, limits freedom even more, creates no wealth, and enslaves. It creates a dependency between the government and individual.

In previous periods, this taxation largely came from those who were wealthy. They paid large percentages of taxes. Those who weren't wealthy usually paid a small percentage of taxes. Today much of wealth is in the hands of multinational corporations who pay little or no taxes yet benefit from those nations they dwell within. How is that just?

It can be very unjust if the multinational corporations lose massive amounts of money (derived from taking it from the people), then are bailed out from taxes they didn't pay into, such that the burden falls upon the people, then the scarcity of tax revenue results in national defaults. This is our present circumstance.

Worse, in our present circumstance, certain multinational corporations worked to bet against the success of individuals and corporations using derivatives, and created massive disastrous economic issues.

In an economic crisis, when goods and services are in even shorter supply than normal, the goal is to find ways to create more goods and services, and do this in a way that perpetuates. That will give more freedom to determine the course of one's life and to improve one's station.

In an economic crisis, when goods and services are in even shorter supply than normal, and if we dole out those limited goods and services, then there is no net gain by definition. In fact, it's worse since administration of that “doling out” (like FDR's New Deal) will reduce the short supply further.

The individuals who can generate their own goods and services will have the most freedom to determine ways to improve their status. Any reliance upon the government to do this will be flawed. Those who teach others to generate more goods and services will create more stable communities and awaken people to the freedom that they possess within themselves. This concept written large will restore stability to states and nations. The creation of wealth within all individuals removes scarcity.

When certain individuals achieve all of the goods and services and control them, then the individuals of that community tend to become enslaved. This is the danger of capitalism. Uber-wealthy, who work to remove the goods and services of individuals are unjust since it removes their liberty. Usually these people are profiteers who work by creating scarcity and misery. A classic way to foment misery and chaos is to create a facade of duality.

99% of businesspeople are not the uber-wealthy. Their goals are merely to improve the security of themselves and their families. I put it to you that by creating goods and services, that most of us are in reality those businesspeople. You just never have thought of yourself as one.

Let's say you drive an ambulance. You learn skills that can quickly stabilize others and transport them so that a medical team can stabilize them further and heal them. That skill is your service that you sell for a wage in a marketplace of health skills. You decide to work in a community since you ally yourself with the ethos of that community, but you relocate if you wish to increase your profit based upon the supply of ambulance drivers and the demand of them (either surplus or shortage). Since some communities will provide services for home ownership at lower cost, then you might take your business (being an ambulance driver) to that area.

Some people will run a business of providing ambulance drivers. Others might do this over more areas. Over time, some artificial created entities have been created called corporations. They might seek to control all ambulance services in a very wide area, and often this can become problematic. Such control if too great can become monopolies where no competition exists. Monopolies are enemies of capitalism. In this example, they control wages of ambulances drivers and control the services so much that entire communities can do little to challenge the cost of such services.

Multinational corporations foster environments that limit the freedom of individuals of whole nations and that is very unjust even evil. I put it to you that the mess we are in is largely created by not creating wealth, but creating scarcity of goods and services, the opposite of capitalism.

Legislators who enact legislation that allows multinational corporations to limit the freedom of their nations are enslaved by them. Executive branches who lead their nation but subjugate themselves to the multinationals are enslaved by them. The judicial branches that don't challenge the illegality of the legislation that allows this to occur perpetuate slavery.

These politicians forgot that their authority derived from the individuals that appointed them. They listened instead first to the lobbyists who represent groups, then the multinationals themselves.

Soon the SHTF because of this. Your only option given the local nature of your power is to create goods and services, protest anything which limits your freedom, resist it, and vote to remove any leader who perpetuates it.
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