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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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A Republic versus A Fascist State

What is Fascism? It's an unusual word today. We don't use it much any more. What does it mean for a person to be a fascist or support fascism?

Fascism is the antithesis of a republic based society. A republic elevates the individual. A fascist government devalues and despises them. A republic derives it's authority from the individual. A fascist state says that the individual is the problem of society. That all should subjugate their individuality to the authority of the nation. A republic values the individual achievements which ends up providing better goods and services for the nation. A fascist government devalues individual merit, and only the collective is important for continuity. The individual gives away their goods and services for the good of the fascist nation.

I put it to you that a business model of a corporation is almost always economic fascism. In most cases the individual doesn't work for a corporation, an employee works for a corporation and gives away their goods and services in order to receive wages that the corporation determines the employee deserves. The worst corporation will work to control the markets such that they can reduce the wages such that they can maximize the corporation's wealth.

I put it to you that corporations who manage employees is a form of indentured servitude in the short run, and as jobs are relocated to provide cheap labor and goods to maximize profit, they enslave those workers. To consolidate their power, they sell these cheaper goods to those who have wealth, but eventually that system enslaves the people buying those goods.

Local businesses can't control wages very well. They compete with other businesses to hire the best employees who individually excel and produce the most goods and services and pay them wages to compensate them, in an healthy exchange. Because all people work for their individual merit, working harder at maximizing goods and services generally improves the status of the individual and usually gives them more power by creating wealth.

Since America values the individual so greatly, when we see individuals who excel in their ability to produce goods or services, we celebrate their individuality. We think, “That person is fantastic. Their ability is praiseworthy. Wow look at her go!”

In a republic, when we see someone achieve great things, and as a result have more, we tend to emulate them to replicate their individual success.

Fascism thinks that individuals should perform to their best so that the group does better. Individuals sacrifice their merits so that another who can't perform as well in one area, will hopefully perform better in another, and that in that exchange the nation will become superior. It bends the individual to the nation's will.

Fascism wants all people to think of themselves as nationalists not individualists. Usually fascism have empires not one nation. They use violence from their military to occupy and convert those other nations to give up their freedom and sacrifice justice.

Fascists are intolerant of ethnic groups or those who identify in any way that compete with nationalist identification. Those other groups are enemies of the state.

Fascists oppose class distinction. They feel that individual efforts shouldn't propel people to have better things by acquiring wealth.

Fascists oppose individual dissent. The freedom, the liberty to exchange ideas, or criticize the nation is strictly regulated. Fascism regulate the Truth to be whatever the Fascists decide is Truth.

Because spiritual systems communicate mostly about the nature of Truth, Fascist will bend spiritual systems in order to control even these kinds of Truth. Fascism is an enemy of spiritual systems.

Any time that you see nations that plead for nationalism, sacrifice of individual freedom, removing class distinctions, asking people to forgo wealth, forget about individual merit, you should consider if what they are proposing is fascism. There are other totalitarian forms of government, and if those ideas are partially present, another system of government may be trying to assert itself, but most likely if violence and empire are being also proposed...it is fascism.
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