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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Governmental Intervention versus Individual Intervention

Most of us lack pioneer skills. We've sold out to the corporations for wages, and as that specialization continued, we used those wages to buy more things that were produced by corporations. We don't create wealth this way, as those purchased shiny toys depreciate over time and break. Instead of learning skills that could reduce our dependency on corporation made food, we watch corporation made entertainment. We feel stressed out so we take corporation made tranquillizers or illegal drugs made profitable by the laundering of money by corporately owned banks.

Because so many individuals lack pioneer skills, in the event of a collapse, those same people will give up their liberty in order to acquire food and shelter. Inevitably for the sake of administering a means of giving out government assistance, if people lose their homes and farms, as they did during the Great Depression, the most like means of controlling this populace is internment camps.

Is that what you want? Are you willing to give your freedom for food and a roof over your head?

Would you rather be free? Sometimes I wonder if people really desire freedom. Freedom is scary. It means that we are responsible for our fate. We have free will. It's far easier to work for a corporation than to learn how to grow food and produce things, at least initially.

If you are not preparing by storing up for a rough period, and learning coping skills, and becoming awake to the nature of real Truth, and aware of your environment around you, then you will inevitably be forced to seek government assistance.

When the SHTF, and if your idea of coping skills is bugging out, but that's the extent of you coping skills, then most likely when you run out of food and need a shelter, you'll be in a government internment camp.

The only real freedom, the real liberty, the real prevention of loss of liberty, comes from preparation and pioneer skills.
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