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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Based upon a 20% rate of disability,a drug abuse rate of 8%, and a former felon rate of 2%(those currently being monitored), expect many break-ins based upon the population density of your area. There will be many sociopathic people and ex-cons and desperate people and all of these will most likely first prey on medically fragile people and then on the weak. If you live in a major city of any significant size of 50,000 or more, then expect to immediately see issues based upon a lack of security.

Of course, there is law enforcement, but no doubt many will be smart and bugging out too based upon logic and reason. While there are National Guard troops totally over a million, many are deployed somewhere, and so that number is realistically under 500,000. If you are one, and you think you're family is in danger, will you show up for muster? Who knows? Some will.

As I previously discussed, there are many fragile people in nursing homes. As there is an enormous concentration of medical supplies there, and little to no security, I expect en masse robberies there due to a concentration of newly defined wealth. Either the prescription medicines as potential illegal drugs or medicines for sale that are impossible to acquire post-SHTF. Expect pharmacies to be overrun as first people attempt to last minute refill, lack authorization to do so, and as criminals decide to rob them.

A major consideration is the location of sex predators within a ten mile radius of your area. This will factor in to your bug out extraction. Since violent offenders do not have to be in a database, you should be concerned about their location too.

If many robberies are going on simultaneously, a normal law enforcement response is impossible. They know that. Expect curfews, blocked roads, an inability to bug out based on closed exits, travel restrictions, blocked bridges, cordoned off lower income areas with high concentrations of ex-cons and known gang activity, etc.

The biggest concern for city leaders is critical infrastructure personnel bugging out. Utility workers, doctors and nurses, law enforcement, will all consider their safety and their families, and could suddenly be forced to stay to manage the event. That will be very difficult to control as if you have those skills, you have a bargaining chip, and in the absence of a military to prevent you leaving, then it will be hard to back it up.
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