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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Because of concern over medical contagion in the last five or so years, many laws have been quietly passed to deal with a national emergency. If you do a google search, you'll discover than there are comprehensive plans on controlling critical infrastructure during those kinds of event. Just look for contingency and critical infrastructure and pandemic. It applies to all national emergencies, so an intelligent person doing a minimal amount of research, could determine the operating plans of their area. Risk assessments were done in cities of any significant size. This means that your civic leaders know the potential ways of dealing with a national emergency and what they might have to do to control it.

This is no panacea since any plan is contingent upon being able to control these personnel, usually subdivided into multiple tiers based upon their importance. There are some on there that you most likely haven't consider. Morticians for example. Food distribution. Ham radio operators.

It would be wise to look through that material as it details projections based upon a lack of workers and supply chains and security. All very appropriate information to consider for bugging in or out.

Of course, most of my discussion has dealt with an economic collapse, not contagion, but most of the material deals with similar issues.

I feel genuine sympathy for many of you who live in these cities. You have a lot of tough decisions.
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