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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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It's 1937, and the country is experiencing a minor recovery. The last several years of the New Deal have saved many folks from starving, but no real economic gains have happened. FDR decides to curtail part of the deficit spending, but almost immediately his actions create another financial downturn. Life goes on, and it is not until 1940 as Britain is faced with a Nazi invasions, and we begin selling destroyers to them so can put a limited number of people to work, that minor improve is really seen. His actions propel us into conflict with the Axis powers, which continues with the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor. With that the US is at a state of war with Japan, and declaration of war from Germany and Italy soon follow. It was in the end the only way that FDR managed to get Americans back to work, by mobilizing a massive infantry of men, and by making armaments that of themselves created no wealth. The deficit spending was enormous.

The Council on Foreign Relations is suggested a war with Syria and Iran. It's clear that Russia and China will not tolerate us progressing forward, as they are primary purchasers of Iran's oil. Syria has received just as much foreign aid from Russia as we have sent to Israel. They're heavily invested in them. Any such plans would no doubt propel us into World War III.

If we continue, this won't be like a coalition war that we had with Iraq. It would be a disastrous war, requiring ground troops of a far larger size, and a huge buildup of armaments. It seems that President Obama is considering using the same path as FDR to extricate the USA from it's economic malaise. It's a proven path, but fighting a war with Russia and China is not the same as fighting Germany, Japan, and Italy. There are far more dangerous weapons like tactical nukes, a weapon that's been considered as a potential weapon on such a battlefield. Of course there are even greater weapons, but that's mutually assured destruction.

Watch for the spin doctors in the days ahead to be the apologists for such a war. Remember, war of itself brings no wealth. It's the seizure of resources and the rebuilding effort in the nations that suffer in the aftermath that produces wealth. This appears to be the way we are going in the days ahead.

Look for an event to make all reticence to enter the war evaporate. That's the normal pattern regardless of the veracity of who will do it. An attack on US soil, an attack in Western Europe, or an attack against Israel, are the three most likely candidates. Such an event would be the catalyst to WW3.
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