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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Reticence to lift a finger to help themselves

Lately, I've been reading a lot of you post responses that it's silly to prepare, that if things get bad then the nukes will start flying, that I don't want to live without electricity and running water, that I'm ready to go home to Heaven, that I don't have enough money to prepare, etc. I think I've talked about every one of those things here. Well, no one can make you prepare, but don't expect that the government will come bail you out, or that your neighbors who did prepare should feed your children, or that when at the last minute you decide that you do want to live that you can come take what I've carefully prepared. I'm incredulous at times how weak we've become. Our ancestors would be ashamed.

In some cultures, they talk to their ancestors. Westerners do too, they might visit their grave sites, and while praying in Church, or on Christmas sitting by the tree remember and even talk silently to their Grandma or a favorite old uncle. Think about doing that. Imagine a conversation with them discussing why you feel like you can't prepare.

What do you think would be their response? I'll bet a lot of them would laugh at you, if they were good natured. Some would just shake their heads in disbelief that they didn't teach you any better than that. Some of them might actually be angry and tell you to grow up.

Few of your ancestors who struggled and saved every little scrap during the Depression to recycle way before it was cool, would just be wide-eyed to see the incredible luxury in our homes: the vast diversity of our food, the time saving devices, the incredible wealth of things that they would never have had during the 1930's.

And despite all of those things, we've become weak, ineffectual, and lazy. It's really tragic and I just am dumbfounded to respond any more to those kinds of replies.
If you're one of those kinds of people who just refuses to prepare, and especially if you might have someone that you'll be a caregiver too, like an aging parent or a grandchild, then I urge you to do some independent research and watch some documentaries about life during the Depression. Don't believe me because I've written so much, be a good critical thinker. Don't believe me and then do nothing. Watch those early movie reels and see how people starved and struggled to make it.
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