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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Alle beetjes helpen, zei de mug, en ze piste in de zee. (Dutch saying)
Every little bit helps, the mosquito said, pissing into the sea.


If you read this today, and you think there is even the tiniest truth within it, I hope when you happen to be near a mirror, you peer into it, and looking at your reflection think, “What kind of person am I?”

Each of us is a unique gift to creation. You are one of the rarest of treasures. Because of genetics, someone may come along that resembles you, but no one will ever be like you again.

One day, I saw a tiny quote in the newspaper. Sometimes you read something and it resonates in you. I carried it for twenty years, and it got very fragile, and I had to carefully open it, eventually putting in plastic and read it each day to inspire me. Here's the words set to music

[link to www.youtube.com]

If you take a tuning fork and strike it, it will vibrate. One of the coolest things is if you bring it close to another still tuning fork, it will cause the other tuning fork to oscillate. You've probably seen this when in elementary school, but did anyone ever explain why?
[link to www.physicsclassroom.com]

The two tuning forks exist within the sea of our atmosphere. We see them as disconnected and alone. In reality the atmosphere connects them. The vibrations from the first action that set the tuning fork in motion will in turn, if placed within the proximity of another, will shake the air around it, and in turn cause resonance.

We are not alone. Even when we feel alone, we live together on this planet. We can see each individual as something rare and special. That this person will never again exist. That in this moment we have an opportunity to be present with them, and share goodness even if we are different. When we do that, share goodness for no reason, but to merely pass along the goodness that has been given freely by the Source, then there is a chance that it will resonate with them.

If I have made a ruin of my life, and it seems like people around me are terrible, even so I can look back and find at least one time that some person was kind and good to me, and because they were, I can allow that to resonate today and pass along that kindness today.

The easiest thing to do is give up, criticize the failings of others, since we see our failures everyday. Or we can start over despite those failings, and find one glimmer of Hope, and without a chance of receiving back anything, pass along the Hope. Even if you feel terrible, in the action of passing along that Hope, you will usually feel better. In fact, in risking the chance to help another, they may recognize what you've done and thank and praise you, so you receive a second helping of Hope.

It may seem like the most miniscule attempts to hold back the Darkness. It may not be recognized by the Other as a goodness. It doesn't matter. That goodness will someday be remembered by the Other and may inspire them to do good far later.
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