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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When the SHTF, it won't just be the major things that will freak us out. It'll also be getting a darn cup of coffee! We're addicted to this delicious beverage, mostly because of the artificial lift it gives from the caffeine, and that stimulant used to keep us going after lunchtime and a heavy meal.

It's relatively easy to make a coffee substitute. It's pretty hard to find a stimulant from wild edibles for identification reasons.

Roasted dandelion and chicory were both used as inexpensive coffee substitutes and as ways to extend the coffee you have on hand. Since coffee comes from very far off, and it's production in the USA is limited to Kona Hawaii, you're going to run out of it. HORRORS!

Dandelion is very easy to harvest. The taproots can go deep, but are not that hard to pull out. Chicory has a much better root, but it goes deep. It's more time consuming to harvest.

Both are common to the US, easy to identify, simple to harvest,easy to roast, and can be brewed in the same ways as coffee. It's hard to believe, but dandelion and chicory are both non-native plants to the US. They actually both came from Europe and people deliberately brought seeds from back home since they loved them so much. Now they're ubiquitous.

A perfect way to brew them is a French Press. This method allows for timing your brew strength without overheating the brew. The problem is they're breakable, but they do make camping versions.

Of course old style camping percolator type brewing makes for a simpler method since it fits right on the camp or rocket stove.

Of course, most people use the automatic drip method, but you won't have electricity. All you have to do is scoop up the substitute, and slowly pour boiling water over the material. That's all the fancy automatic drip does other than also controlling the temperature in a specific range.

Here are two videos. If you know of a common plant that is easily identifiable and produces caffeine then please post it here.

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