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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How to look more attractive, get praise, have more sex, lose weight, make yourself stronger, and PREP.

Based upon the longest scientific study that we have completed in the US, the incident rate of being overweight, which is having a body mass index of 25.0 to 29.9 was an average 34.2 % of the US. The number of people over a BMI of 30.0 or more (could be a lot more) was 33.8. This means that 68% of the 307 million Americans we have or 209 million Americans are overweight or obese.

A normal body mass index is 18.4 – 24.9.

Let's look at the average 5' 9” man. That man in order to be “normal” should weigh 125-168lbs.

An average woman 5' 4” in order to fit into the normal category should weight 110-151 lbs.

That variability is based upon mostly muscle. If you're not an athlete, a real athlete not someone who minimally exercises on rare occasions, then you should be at the lowest end. As you gain muscle, and become more athletic, a good benchmark would be to hit the middle. Very few of us unless we keep at it with copious exercise should be at the top range.

That means that you are eating more food that is healthy. That food is your prep food.

Not only that, but it's wasted time. It represents time that you could be making yourself look beautiful versus better clothes, getting your hair done, getting your nails done, etc. As you lose the weight, that will enhance your beauty 10x more than those things which all cost money. That money is your prep money. Hair, nails, makeup and clothes do not make people truly more beautiful. They enhance beauty that is already there.

Not only that, but as you get praise, and notice in the mirror that you are getting healthier each day, your mind gets healthier since it's connected to the body. We have clear evidence that this is true. As you feel more confident, you become more interested in making love, and the people who are your companions are more interested in making love with you. Romance is the highest valued commodity in my book. I know of nothing that will motivate me more. I will do just about anything for it.

Most people exchange their lack of praise of their body and lack of romance for things. I've talked about this. Most things are not necessities, they are shiny toys for grownups. Many people are purchasing shiny toys to make them happy, but what they really want is love, affection, friendship, and romance. A shiny toy will never give you any of those things.

If you are healthy and fit, you will have the ability to play more with your companion and children and friends and family. That builds community. The very smallest amount of denial of food and a little exercise = more happiness.

Or you can keep eating, and feel bad and lonely, and make your blood pressure rise, and your blood glucose skyrocket which forces your pancreas to feeble control it, and make yourself depressed, and you will die from a chronic condition of hurting yourself.

I love all people no matter what they look like. I'll bet that deep down you do too. But wouldn't you feel enormously better and fulfilled if you considered my words and acted on them? That's the very best thing you can do to prepare for the future.

Prepping is about doing a series of actions that logically will make you feel more secure. It's not about lots of guns and ammo. It is certainly about learning to move fast, learn how to shoot for hunting and home defense, and about improving the security of your home. Based upon the level of potential loss of security, some people have to prepare more and this consideration can unbalance them. There is great wisdom in learning about combat multipliers, don't get me wrong.

For a beginner, the very first thing you must do is make yourself healthier so that you can improve your abilities at living life to the fullest. If you are dependent upon others, that is a kind of slavery. If you are dependent upon food purchased in a grocery store to make you happy, then you are enslaved by it.

When you learn how to grow your own food and see the power of God in creation, your spirit will soar like Brother Eagle. That is freedom, real practical freedom. That is healthy prepping of your mind.

Today please eat a little less. Try doing that in healthy ways to understand what hunger is really like and to focus just how much you need God. The more you eat sensibly, and move around to pump up your blood, the more your color and complexion will improve. Your fat stores will begin to decline in two weeks. Your body will relearn where to send energy reserves by storing up glycogen in your muscles. The muscles will tear down and rebuild to add tone and bulk and you'll become more muscular in 4-6 weeks. In three months you'll look remarkably different. In six months you'll be transformed.

The easiest way is to measure, but we loath seeing our naked selves and understanding fully how the world sees us. The easiest and bravest thing to do is photograph yourselves from the side and face on to see the transformation each week. This is far better than a scale. You will begin to see a difference in a week, and this will build success far faster.

You can do this. I believe in you.

Here is a secret, shhhh, "All of you are beautiful." Madison Avenue doesn't want you to know. Manufacturers of beautify enhancing products don't want you to know. The entertainment industry doesn't want you to know.

But in your heart, you know it. You just were either lied to or forgot it.
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