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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Useful trees for frontier living: Black Walnut

Earlier I've discussed the usefulness of the Black Walnut for bushcraft. It contains both tannic acids and jugalone, two chemicals that allow it to be used to paralyze fish's gills and hence they come up for air to breathe and can be netted easier. It's a trick that the First People employed by making a concoction from their husks.

I've also mentioned that the husks can be used as a dye, and it makes a great brown color, something very useful for camouflage. When your clothing get soiled, and you don't possess great bleaching agents or laundry soaps, then using dark colors is a way to cover the original color too.

But, here's a new twist I learned yesterday. The green hulls when boiled before they blacken contain more of the compounds listen above PLUS they also contain iodine. Now that is a nutritional component that our bodies need in small amounts. It's added to salt since most people wouldn't get enough unless they eat a lot of kelp or seafood. It's important for thyroid production.

That iodine in larger amounts is a great fungicide and bactericide, and very important for first aid. This means that if you only knew one tree, you should know black walnut.

Dave Canterbury is a fine teacher and puts out lots of videos on youtube to teach about the old ways. Here is the one I watched yesterday. Please watch it.

More links:
[link to sites.google.com (secure)]

[link to selfhealthresourcecenter.info]

When you make up a tincture of this kind, it won't last very long. To maintain the integrity of the solution, you need either vinegar or ethanol to be added in. That means a prepper should know how to produce BOTH. All of the skills previously mentioned build on each other. You must become a generalist that can make all kinds of things or live in a community in which people pool their knowledge and talents...or do without.
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