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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Being physically challenged in a collapse

There are many people who because of age, genetic conditions, the loss of a limb(s), arthritis, war injuries, etc that have issues which restrict their movements. Because of that in a collapse, those issues which ordinarily they have been dealing with, they may be greatly be restricted because of a lack of supplies, utilities, and the ability to forage or use agricultural means to be self-reliant. This means that if you fit into this category, you have to prepare more by learning skills and having supplies and having offensive /defensive capabilities.

Some people will scoff. They'll say that it will be mayhem and madness and so there's nothing but total doom. Perhaps. That might happen in very congested areas in peak periods if there's a total breakdown of utilities for an extended period. If so, the rest of the people in that region are also most likely to die too. If you're in a very urban environment without access to clean water and a place to grow crops, then naturally the density of the populace plus the other will kill you if rioting breaks out and isn't controlled. The carrying capacity issues will eventually create massive attrition and everyone will die, so there's nothing singling you out.

People have lived with physical restrictions since time began. The reason that they were able to make it is simple: either they had friends and family to care for them or more likely they provided skills of one sort or another in their community or they were self-reliant. I think it's a combination of all three. Even if blind, you can raise crops or animals. Of course people have. Many times in history, say the Black Plague which devastated vast regions, people with physical restrictions survived. Their life span may have been shortened, but still they managed to perform their routine tasks because if they didn't they would die with such a loss of life around them.

It's not that you can't make it, it's that all of us need a community to provide a mixed variety of trade in goods or services, and water and crops and herds, plus wood, clay, rock, salt, etc. This means if you're concerned, you should already be in a healthy community of small density and in a region like that. So should we all.

Yes, rock climbing would be a real effort, but few people would do that without gear and a partner. Anyone might have problems if alone. The same is true for defending a home, or digging a well, or something as simple as harvesting acorns.

So my friends, if you fit into a category above, please find mentors who can teach you, relocate now, collect supplies, and consult and take lessons in the arts of War.
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