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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Making firestarters

Here's something that should be done NOW since winter is approaching. The video details how to cheaply make firestarters from dryer lint, paraffin, and toiler paper rolls. You'll make these yourself to save money, and then cut them in small slices, and then starting a fire is very easy. Then cover the coals lightly with ash, and save that for the next day to quickly get a fire going. This makes keeping a fire going very simple.

Later, you can collect little bits of tinder and then heat up and press sumac berries to get their oil. Then coat the tinder with that oil to make something similar. The point is to save time, and speed things along. Believe me, you'll get good at starting a fire, even your 6 year old can do it, but if cold and wet and freeing to death because you fell into an icy lake, well having a firestarter could save your life. Since it repels water from the oil or parafin, even if damp, it might ignite when you're hands are shaking furiously.

That's not the only time you need one. Say you're exhausted and on a forced march, and you've had to delay setting up camp. You can dig a Dakota hole fire pit quickly, use your firestarter to get the initial fire going, add some twigs, and then go look for nearby wood.

Or say it's 2am, you're bleary eyed, and the fire went out, no coals, and you've got to heat up some tea for a sick child and already been up for a day and half because they've been ill and feverish. Well, you've got to hurry and get back to them as quickly as you can.

Self-reliance isn't about survival techniques starting from scratch, but making things ahead of time to allow things to be done in a rapid manner and efficiently. It's beautiful and can even be efficient to start a flint and steel fire, but until you get there, and even when you do, having a firestarter is common sense.
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