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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The real cost of suicide

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

When times get tough, people reply, "The tough get going." Yeah, well, sounds nice. Is it reality?

Not usually. The reality is despite a mantra that people will tighten their belts and find a steely resolve, many will decide to actively or passively takes their own lives. Because of that, a suicide death might not be detected. They may die in some fashion, and unless they leave a note, the death may be written off as accidental discharge of a weapon, malnutrition, dehydration, an accidental drowning, etc.

People don't know how to deal with premature death, and because of the stigma of a suicide, they tend to be covered up. In a small town this happens by people denying it happened. In a large town or city, people are so isolated that it's ignored.

But it happens and it's happening more. When someone is suicidal, they've lost all Hope that things will get better. If you were to ask them, "Don't you want to live?" Then they probably would say, "Yes, but I haven't been living for over a year, and every new day is only filled with grief, shame, and loss. I'd rather die so that my suffering ends."

This is why those who are still hopeful cannot understand the hopeless. They have different frames of reference, perhaps different cultures or spiritual systems, and so death by suicide seems the only way out.

But it doesn't just effect them, does it? Their absence means a loss of that person's uniqueness, a loss of them being mentors to someone, often a child or a loved one, a severe change in economic status for the survivors, a loss of their abilities and occupation for the community, a loss of the hours they spent volunteering, etc.

When stress press upon historical periods, then the rate of suicide increases. It is now happening. More will follow. Watch for people that you care about losing Hope.

The Source can fill the darkness, the empty hole in their lives. But handing someone a Bible isn't very helpful and can be hurtful. Lavishing love and affection on someone and giving them Hope because you have deep spiritual beliefs and can share and witness the transforming power of the Source is what we called to do.

Having an alternative way to provide for your family by learning skills that provide sustenance and balance stress is another way. Teach old skills to help the hopeless.

Preparing by having more inventories in your physical needs, but also preparing mentally by meditation and contemplation, reading, having quiet creative activities, these are ways to store up mental positive attitude so when times get tough, you can cope easier. Of course spiritually prepare, by reading the Word, but mostly when lonely to the point of Hopelessness, then participate in some spiritual endeavor and help someone who needs it. Sometimes by helping another, the Source charges up your spiritual battery, just as a solar array does with a battery.

We have a lot of depressed folks, diagnosed or otherwise, and this will get worse. In a collapse, unless you take the the time to become a healer by listening and being with people, facilitating ways that they can get better, find herbals, etc then someone you know will take their life.

Many of the people who commit suicide in a collapse will die not because they intended to, but they commit suicide because they didn't prepare, and then suddenly without supplies and skills, they are alone and cold and in the darkness, and their lives are snuffed out from their previous actions doomed them into death.
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