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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Red Flags: Changing police deployment or outright elimination of jobs

As the economy tanks, and as community money is improperly invested and as shortfalls occur due to high unemployment and lower property values, then layoffs will happen in government services. If they're laying off police or eliminating their positions, they have to look to alternatives and that might mean moving them from city services to country services or simply to eliminate positions. You have to wonder at the wisdom of this, for this could create very volatile situations with crime.

No police force can anticipate crimes, only rarely help as they occur in-progress, but mostly visit after a crime has happened. So imagine as bad as that is, but having less response, maybe for a long time, way after the event occurs?

Camden in doing it.
[link to www.zerohedge.com]

Other cities are too. Sometimes it's in other sectors like education, maybe fire services or emergency response.

It's a sign of the times we live in, and a major red flag.

It means that if something happens, something more widespread, then a more military response from the National Guard or others might which are not allowed by our Constitution.
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