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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Dealing with complaining post-collapse

People are spoiled. We are, there's no getting around it. We live in a world of abundance and specialization and that has made us ill-equipped to deal with stress, much less something like a disaster. People don't know what to do, and when that happens, and the supplies run low, and they're cold and tired, and also fearful...then they complain.

It will rise up from the weakest person first. Then others join the chorus, and you might yourself sing along too. Why not, let's let everyone complain and have a pity party? Yeehaw, that'll help.

Teach people to be grateful. They will be eventually. Having a grateful heart will help you deal with stress. Wait until you're starving and you find some bird eggs after not having an egg, a cheap egg that is scrambled or whose yolk is dripping on toast. Toast that anyone can easily make is not easy to make at all with no flour or electricity or even to make into loaves to cook on an open fire. Gosh you'll wish you had an egg so badly. For if you did, it meant a variety of such luxury, almost unimaginable happiness, because maybe you could then add one to beans and rice and make huevos rancheoros.

Imagine no salt? It's so abundant. Yes, well, what if you're not near a coastline? Even if you are, unless you know how to extract it, only the sodium chloride and not all the other salts in sea water, and then how to crystallize it, because it does require some skill believe it or not, then having spare time to collect it and store it for when it's too cold to evaporate, well all the freaking whining about a little thing like salt that you take for granted every single day.

We are so lucky and so well-fed and so rich that it's a sin to complain one whit because it's nonsense now, and it's lunacy in a collapse. Get off your ass and do something instead. Not being harsh, being loving. Make it easier by taking the absence of something as a chance to learn how to gather it, store it, make it easier for yourself and your family.

Criticizing some phenomena in order to educate and communicate injustice is great. Way better to do something constructive and fix it, or at least minimize the effect it will have on you. Insulate yourself from whatever that is.

If there's a hole in your roof, complaining will not make you drier.
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