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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Making a diesel car operate for a short time on cooking grease

Here's a tip which I've seen but attempted. The reason is simple, I've heard that it will bugger up the fuel pump.

In a collapse, you may find abandoned vehicles. Some of these are diesel engines. At one time, farmers could buy diesel at reduced prices but it contained a dye in it. They weren't allowed to use it in their cars, but in their farm equipment. Well of course they did, but if detected then there was a fine. As such a lot of farmers use cars with diesel engines. Others have also switched to them too.

At at lot of restaurants, they use quite a bit of cooking oil as fried foods are very popular. As the grease is used up, then it's stored in a bin located outside, and then when it fills, that grease is hauled away.

This old cooking oil if filtered to remove the food particles and then combined with some kerosene will temporarily work as an alternative diesel fuel, and so get you away from some location, but for whatever portion of a tank you can develop. It might not run later as the food particles might not have been all filtered out, or the kerosene might not have been pure, or the fuel pump might be contaminated or whatever. The point is that you got the Hell of Dodge because of ingenuity when no one else could find fuel or make a car run.

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