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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Foraging and potential areas of harvesting

Now, besides the National Forests which are huge by comparison and quite remote, in the event of a collapse, a lot of local people will know the public hunting and fishing areas. Many of these seasonally admit folks towards those endeavors, and I expect for a lot of loosey-goosey foraging to occur there. That would actually be poaching, yes? The same will be true on public parks, many of which can be quite large.

Most people don't live close to one of these, particularly the hunting areas. As such, it's quite a security issue to get there and back without transportation. Have you thought about how you're planning on carrying a deer back without a car or truck? In some cases you might get to the entrances of these places on a bike with a cart (peddling), then on foot to enter into the woods or meadows, make a kill, harvest it, carry it out, but what's to say that the bike will still be there? Of course that will be quite some distance, very heavy, very messy, and managing to get a fresh kill home without it being stolen...errr it seem implausible.

I can tell you that there's a diverse amount of species to be found way way off trails, but harvesting them and then returning back in a short period will not be possible. You could have a hunting trip and do lots of foraging based upon the time period and species being mature enough to take, but it's time consuming. Of course a few shots fired and anyone can triangulate upon your position too.

Of course everyone will attempt this. The areas will be overhunted, overforaged, and people will be accidentally shot by hunters with little experience shooting at anything that moves.

I would expect a lot of orchards and farmers to have a lot of poaching issues, and I shake my head at that outcome.
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