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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Corn Syrup

As self-reliant people, we cannot afford to ignore a source of calories. Because there are often period of time when we can't get enough carbohydrates, we must maximally extract energy in whatever form we can find. While this may seem controversial with corn syrup, that's pretty ridiculous for most people.

Yes, Americans consume fast quantities of it. A single soda is loaded with tablespoon after tablespoon of it. But, in a collapse, we must find sugar of some sort to boost energy. Since organized tribes post-collapse will grow sweet and field corn, we will be necessity be picking the ears, then letting the stalks stay up, maximize the sugar content in their stalks, then extract the syrup. In this way, nothing is wasted versus only getting an ear of corn.

Yes, if you have many disease states then sure, corn syrup is not for you. However, if you're starving to death, don't tell me that you won't eat it.

You're going to leave the stalks up 20 days after you harvest the ears. Now scrape out the inner pith and mix with water and cook on a very low heat. It'll form a syrup, and based upon how much pith is in it, the sweetness will vary. You're not going to have loads and loads of this, but it will serve as a way to boost calories, much as maple syrup did.

People without adequate sugar have very low energy. The body must have sugar for blood glucose levels. In a survival situation, you have a very difficult time finding ways to restore glycogen to muscles and your liver as your body is catabolizing itself to maintain this.
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