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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Crossing a River

A lot of soldiers have been killed at river crossings. It's a very dangerous spot for the offensive squad trying to take the opposite beach.

First, all the weapons and gear must be secured. Your boots are going to get wet, and this can kill you in winter as the hypothermia will occur from being wet, and then walking in wet boots and then frostbite and exposure. Since you could die of this in late autumn, that means fording a river is always possible somewhere along the way, and river sandals helpful to change into. Then once across, you change into your regular boots and get out other gear as needed.

It's very hard to fight from chest deep water and defend yourself with zero cover and only the volume of water deflecting the trajectory of bullets. You're very slowly moving across and trying to pull yourself up sometimes on to a bank on the opposite side and heavier from the soaked clothing and gear.
The exertion when already tired and then meeting opposition could mean death.

Since the “defenders” are sitting pretty from cover and can easily maneuver, you're screwed. What's worse is most likely there's a cross fire set up such that they'll fire upon you from multiple directions and you tribe is full rout and confused.

Lots of people illegally cross over rivers into the US. They use simple inflatables to help them since they're weighted down with supplies. They may have very common items like closed containers which they grip as floaties and then ditch them on the other side. Maybe they use a bunch of clustered branches tied with a rope and kick with their legs to propel themselves and steer a bit.

River crossings require planning. No one just crosses. You mentally measure the terrain, depth, handholds, useful items to leap on to as you cross. Who can make it easiest and cross over unaided? Who might string up a line to help others cross? Who can pair off together to inch across as a team?

If moving across a river in little jumps, then a tribe using a canoe can go from one temporary river camp to another by beaching their craft and setting up in areas where there are coves. These often have rich wildlife, fish, meadows, tree cover and hence firewood and driftwood. You can easily see old firepits along the way.

Sometimes you might be crossing by land and the path ends due to natural boundaries. Then you cross across the river and walk and then cross back to get around the obstacle. It might be to your advantage to cross a river, or make it appear so, when being pursued, then double back.

Imagine the difficulties of fording a river with multiple children. You get the most responsible across, then go back again for another, and then finally a spouse. Each one left on either side is very vulnerable and you in the middle of the river. Drownings happened often as people migrated. Lots of people fell out in fast flowing circumstances.

People don't know how to step onto a watercraft and the forward momentum make the craft move forward and they fall in. People lean to one side and this makes steering rough (and the j-stroke important to compensate). People relax and lose vigilance while they admire the scenery. People get chilled by being wet and from the wind. Traveling on the river means lots of planning.
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