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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Rivers and “Tacoing”

People sometimes take inflatable kayaks called duckies down rivers and encounter rapids. They might also take a river raft since a duckie can only hold two people and a raft can hold 5 or more easily. If the craft isn't being steered well, it will impact on a rock, particularly a large rock on occasion. It may be that the technical ability of the crew isn't great or the velocity of the rapid picks up suddenly and is unexpected or they are paying attention or it's dark or all of the above.

When a craft impacts, if folds in and bounces off, and you may find that you're going backwards. Since the most experienced person is usually steering in the back, then ...great...the one who can't steer is steering and backwards. This means maneuvering and rowing to right yourself and the dynamics of the river and encountering yet another rapid can mean disaster. Often the hapless crew begins laughing when they should be deadly serious.

Worse things can always happen. The sudden jolt can fold the craft in two and then the crew is propelled briefly in towards the center of the craft and then the natural shape of the craft will right itself and fling out. When that happens, it's called “tacoing” and people get flung out from the craft in rapid water and rocks and hydraulics and it's no time for laughter.

If there are other craft, you may think that you can help them, but chances are, by the time you notice, you're downstream of them. The velocity of the water will make it most likely that you can't until the velocity peters out downstream. People wet and cold and scared look like drowned rats. They're heavy and hard to pull up out of the water. Maybe your craft is overloaded any way, and now you might tip your own craft when rescuing panicky wet crew.
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