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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why am I writing about the hurricane?

While the hurricane awakens some public awareness, albeit briefly until the next media distraction, most people will go right back to their nonchalant attitude about the state of their country. Whatever I write about, it's mainly about trying to hold your attention long enough for you do decide to do something...anything to help you prepare.

Imagine not a major weather disaster, but an economic one. The same sort of strategic and tactical issues of security, infrastructure, supply chains, transportation, and volunteers will have to be address in your communities. You'll have to motivate people in your area to band together, or you'll each be separately trying to make it long enough to get past issues with the sociopathic members of your community. A much larger issue is dealing with the complete non-prepper members of your community as they'll be eventually forced into the sociopathic category unless you help facilitate by leadership.

We all need each other. That's what all civilization is about. Yes, you can prep all you want, but unless you can hold back the hordes that don't, then it all comes to naught eventually.

I urge you to watch some films like One Hundred Mornings. There a small Irish village experiences a collapse, and eventually despite having supplies, our hapless blended family resorts to violence and crime.

The weather is changing. There is a dearth of produce to be gathered from the meadows and forests, and likewise the amount of game and fishing will diminish as it progresses. If you're not prepared today, then there's little chance you'll make it. Don't think you'll wing it by foraging. Don't imagine you'll make it until past the spring and summer harvests. That's a long way off. Don't think you'll merely bug out to a “safe zone”. There will be few safe zones. Now is the time to re-evaluate what's important. Use this time to hone skills. The biggest skill you can learn is how to talk to people and motivate them in your community.
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