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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Safety Issues with Fuel

A lot of people are using generators and fuels than ordinarily do. Some may be drawing fuels from their vehicles because of fuel shortages. It's crucial to use a ground rod driven into the soil and to attach a cable to fuel cannisters to reduce sparks of electricity. Usually there's clipped on. It's easy to generate static charges and then one spark could ignite the fuel while it's transferred.

When working on a fuel line, it's important to use brass tools to prevent sparking too. Brass tools are uncommon and usually specially ordered specifically for this use.

Obviously you can siphon from fuel tanks, but what's not obvious is that when you introduce a sipon into a tank, often the siponing tube will end up at the fume level and if you try aspirating by mouth, you'll get a lungful of fumes. It's far easier to use a manual hand pump and safer too.

In a collapse, some people will try bypassing into fuel tanks. This takes a lot of prudence and expertise and an accidental ignition will kill off the foolhardy who attempt it without any skills.

Have a care and use common sense when filling tanks. In a collapse, your tribe may be using a well for water. If you spill fuel around a well site, you just ruined it.
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