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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What to expect when the military arrive...

The military are good at two things: killing people and breaking things...
Rush Limbaugh

The military are not intended for humanitarian effort. It's not really part of their mission. Sure they can do things since they're extraordinarily well supplied.They understand logistics and supplies. They have to in order to feed and clothe and provide water and secure perimeters for their soldiers, so government officials use them to feed victims in a catastrophe. Does that last sentence make any logical sense whatsoever?

The problem is that they're armed and not law enforcement. They're used to giving orders to enemies. They're used to showing deadly force. They're used to efficient shooting.

When the military arrived in Hurricane Katrina, the first thing they did was secure weapons. This is illegal. Technically the military arriving and used in this fashion breaks Posse Comitatus. They're a blunt instrument used that causes major legal issues and breaks many government laws. To this day, many people still have not been compensated for illegal seizures of weapons, nor apologized to for rough treatment.

People don't care because they want security. This makes me shudder.

As people get frustrated and hungry and scared, they do foolish belligerent actions. The military is not trained to work with American civilians. The ones who have worked in urban settings are used to guerrilla fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are hardly the same.

Keeping a low profile and facilitating calm in your community is a good thing. Getting in the face of a soldier who hasn't been trained to deal with American civilians is a foolish thing. Breaking the law by doing ____ in front of military personnel is ridiculous.

The cure is worse that the catastrophe.
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