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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Preppers: How to teach survivors

OK, an event happened, and you and your family are in good shape. You've amassed a great inventory of supplies. You've learned skills. You've taught your tribe how to multi-task and do those skills in case you can't. You've carefully planned and in the last few days leading up to an event, you “top off” items, put things in secure mode, and you make last minute preps. What now?

The worse problem is your ill-prepared neighbors. Hopefully you have a low profile, and haven't been going around and become known as “that weirdo survivalist guy/gal”. If so, then you've no doubt lost credibility, and later when the SHTF you've painted a target on your family's household.

They haven't prepped, and so now that the SHTF and it's up to nine meals later, then the breakdown of society begins. It might have happened sooner based upon the seriousness of the event, the weather, multiple coinciding events, lack of law enforcement, high crime rates, poverty, isolation, etc. What can you do to help your neighbors, but not hurt your family?

Well, it's tricky. The primary thing you'll be doing is trying to organize. I've talked a lot about that in many hundreds of pages. In a nutshell, you want to deliver the most help in the shortest time to the best skilled people that you know. You also want to sincerely facilitate with the best liked people in order to gain the trust back in your community. Getting these two groups together is far more effective than you trying to evangelize yourself. They may be far better liked, better communicators, have better skills, etc.

Early organizing while people are still feeling relatively well fed and secure is best. Later people will get scared and be reticent to assist. By then, a lot of food will be wasted because of lack of power.

Skills that you can teach:
1. How to make a brick rocket stove?
2. Which room is the warmest? Which room is the most secure? Which room can be made most habitable?
3. How to remove water from your hot water tank? How to store it?
4. See what they've been doing and delicately explain how another way might be safer or more productive.
5. Show them how to best use what food is remaining. See if people will combine their food to get better nutrition. Explain about complete proteins (rice and beans, corn and beans, etc.). Better to eat that food now since it won't spoil in your belly, but it will certainly go bad without refrigeration or become stale or moldy.
6. Who has more of this, but none of that? Facilitate trades.
7. Who has skills but isn't a leader and is willing to help?
8. How to set up a watch? How to create a community watch?
9. Who needs a little help but has skills they can trade? Who needs a little help and can be taught? Who needs a lot of help, but has skills they can trade?
10. Who has spare equipment that they will trade for ____?
11. What is the best place for a privy?
12. Who has medical experience? Who is wounded? Who has died? Who is alone?
13. If people have died, and this is very sensitive, what materials can be gathered to save everyone else?

These are some ideas to get you going. Most topics have been dealt with extensively in previous postings.
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