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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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A little tip about coffee

One of the things I've written about several times is how to make it without coffee. Many of us are addicted to caffeine, and so in a SHTF scenario, we'll end up with withdrawal headaches for up to two weeks while our system settles down. You might think this is a minor issue, but it's an exacerbating one that's a terrible nuisance since it masks other health issues. Believe me, during the Civil War, a lot of effort was made to find coffee substitutes, but none of them really dealt with the headache or lack of energy. The substitutes they found were mainly to replace coffee with a similar tasting beverage like chicory.

Here's a tip I learned recently: buy bulk unroasted coffee beans. If vacuum backed and not ground, then the whole beans can last years (two to ten years depending upon the oil content). They may last even longer if you use oxygen absorbers too. They're quite a bit cheaper this way, and it's not a big deal to roast them up as you need them.
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