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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
“Don't worry, this water is safe to drink...”

After a catastrophe, the normal flow of water is often disrupted. Many people will improperly collect water by hurriedly filling sinks and bathtubs. This is a major mistake, but an understandable one. People assume that because soaps have been utilized in these areas, that they are clean. They are far from sanitary, and if you look at studies on the dirtiest areas of your home, you'll soon discover that sinks and bathtubs are actually the worst areas. YOU NEVER COLLECT DRINKING WATER IN THEM, something I have seen said over and over again by well meaning people. Other people will put water in hastily rinsed milk jugs since they have some available. NO NO NO. Milk jugs contain small bits of milk that has congealed in the jugs. Both methods are guaranteed ways of vastly increasing bacteria counts in stressed out immune depressed victims post-events.

Often when there's been an event, raw sewage, chemical pollutants, or petroleum spills occur in the water sources. These cannot be removed by boiling, and even filtering, and so the water treatment plants add more chlorine in order to make it better. Worse, some politicians will claim that the water is “safe to drink” while experts are simultaneously mentioning the spills.

Some people will draw from non-traditional water sources since they are desperate. They think it “looks safe and clean” so with a little boiling it might taste bad, but be just fine. NO! It's very possible that many chemical fertilizers or garbage runoff have infiltrated these ponds, streams, lakes, and rivers. It's a very bad idea.

There are extremely few options in an emergency. It's why properly filling up large water barrels with closed lids are vital. It's why having non-scented bleach or pool shock is so important. It's why having excellent water filtration is essential.

Clean water is one of your highest priorities in a SHTF scenario. Not sending it to disaster zones is criminal negligence. Still, never count on government assistance. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 1-2 gallons per person for two weeks while hoping for normalcy to be reestablished. If not, then finding clean water is a priority for a community when the SHTF else a lot of deaths will follow. It's why digging a well and all of the ancillary issues like proper sanitation are vital.
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