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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The Brown Cross

I believe that Fox News is one of those links which can't be added on GLP, however you can look up the story today on the newly organized “Brown Cross” due to Hurricane Sandy. They've come to the same kinds of logical and practical conclusions that I have concerning the lack of government intervention, and are organizing in a similar way to methods previously discussed here.

"Necessitie, the inuentour of all goodnesse." Roger Ascham 1545

Necessity will cause inventive ideas out of a sense of goodness. I'm glad to see it happening organically. We forget we're neighbors.

We've become isolated and alone because we assume that social media and instant communication will help us. They won't really, not in a disaster. If the power isn't on, then obviously they won't work. They never really did. The amount of Facebook friends are most likely fair weather friends, and even that is a stretch.

The real friends are the ones you count on when the chips are down. They're the one patrolling the street looking for looters because there can't ever be enough security in a SHTF scenario. They're the ones who go through their supplies and figure out ways to communicate and power up equipment. That's what the Brown Cross is doing. Someone stored walkie-talkies and power generators and they're using this in lieu of telephones. They're the ones helping people go through their missing items and make their demolished homes a little more livable.

This means that in a disaster, the only way to ensure that you have communications is to actually have some equipment handy. Many hunters have walkie-talkies. Some people will have solar panels for recharging cordless drills. Some are contractors. Some are preppers. See previous posts on using a solar panel as a trickle charger and using an inverter to recharge devices. Other people had generators and found gas. That works as long as the supply chain can bring in fuel.

Another idea that will work in a pinch (short distances only) is very small scale AM transmitters. See a previous post on making neighborhood am radio stations as a means of communication too. You can't create a powerful one, not legally. If you have one, then you can have people tune in their AM radios to that frequency.

HAM radio is an option, but far fewer people have HAM receivers. You'd need electricity to run it, but it'll broadcast very far away, and you're less limited on the amount of power that you can transmit.

If you don't have communications, you're basically back to having nothing more than a church bell to warn a community. This and yelling for help. People forget that in the absence of utilities there is very limited communication and medical emergencies, security issues, fires, etc will all happen eventually. People could die.

When the Nor'easter came, as we all suspected it would based upon weather data, then FEMA closed their doors. It's shocking to some; it's expected by preppers. Real help will always be better coming from local efforts. They're motivated to do it. It's their city and neighborhood and community.

Didn't we see that happen in the London riots too? It's really a matter of leadership. When it happens in your area, are you up to the task?
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