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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Preparing your bicycle for Winter or regular use later

No one wants to ride their bike in the Winter. The wind is directly in your face and icy and cold. You are naturally experiencing the wind chill effect. It's of little use when there's black ice (a thin rime of invisible icy coating), or of course snow or ice, however if there isn't any fuel and you need need to get somewhere, then much of the time in most places it's possible to continue riding in the Winter.

This means of course that you're dressed for riding. See the previous topic on tips for that.

Bikes may be a primary means of transportation in a SHTF scenario. This means you need to carefully inspect your bike. Look for dry rot in the tires. Buy extra tires. Check the brakes and adjust or replace the pads. The frame should be sound. Check and tighten loose connections. Buy a hand pump that goes with the bike. Your regular bike water bottle most certainly might freeze if kept in place.

A bicycle trailer would be supremely useful. There will be many times that you might have to haul something to and fro, but realize that you'd better be in extremely good shape to pedal uphill with extra weight attached. Likewise the weight of the load behind you will dramatically increase speeds going downhill. It's not an activity for wimps.

A cyclist must look for alternative routes to take based upon their average speed, the terrain and elevation, the crime in an area, etc. I'll bet you've cursed a bike rider before from your vehicle. Practice riding it a lot and watch how some personality times are more aggressive than others. A working bike in a collapse will be very valuable and people may steal it from you. How will you secure it?

Vehicles spray water when it's raining. A cyclist knows this and attempt to avoid it as much as possible. Bikes will do it as well, so that's important when riding with several people on them.

You need to have the correct open or closed end wrench for the nuts or adjustments on your particular bike. You need to have them on you at all times. Practice taking off the front wheel quickly in case you have to place it within a vehicle. Do you have a bike rack on your vehicle?
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