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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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[link to www.app.com]

Self-Assessment: What kind of person are you?

Prepping is about thinking strategically. It's about evaluating your skill levels, finding deficits, and then readjusting by most likely learning from a mentor or friend. Sometimes there aren't local authorities on an subject, and so we read books to learn the old reliable means of learning skills.

If one doesn't have skills, then one must be rescued once a disaster happens. It can happen to everyone and often based upon extreme weather or disasters. It can happen based upon your stamina and strength or lack of them. It can happen if injured. It can happen if you don't have supplies.

Most people have not ever roughed it. What I mean by “roughing it” is a long period of severe hardship. During this period, you don't eat for a minimum of a week. Maybe you stay up without sleep for 72 hours. Maybe you are freezing cold and huddling around a weak fire. Maybe you don't have adequate clothing, but you've learned skills and so you build a fire and a debris hut and get dry and warm. Then you find water and purify it. If you need a container, you burn a bowl from wood that you find, and using coals, blow on it slowly, then shape it with a knife and sandstone. You make a trap and then eat animal flesh to survive. You forage for plants to get enough glycogen and carbohydrates to survive.

I have lots of sympathy for people who haven't “roughed” it. No one desires to live at this level of existence. It's the lowest form of Maslow's Hierarchy of Need: pure survival. In order to live more fully, one learns skills to thrive. This means learning even more and planning and building up an inventory of things. Tribal hunter/gatherers discovered that pottery would enable them to store food items. They also needed to learn how to make jerky from their meat in order to eat during time periods of low animal activity. It was necessary to avoid spoilage anyway.

They learned how to treat wounds and illness because if they didn't then they died. The ones that mentored others and healed them became shaman. Being one was of limited use unless they also had the ability to teach others. If not, then once they died, then the knowledge was lost forever.

Education is a prepping skill. For the good of the tribe or community, it's vital to strategically think how to best prepare the next generation how to survive and thrive. If not, then in even the shortest amount of time, those others will die without life skills. They may rely upon whatever resources others provide for them, but once that supply is cut off, then they perish. It's the fishing pole analogy versus providing fish.

When you rely upon FEMA to save you, you must not think that living in a refugee camp is going to be easy and perfect. If you do, then you'll be sadly mistaken and upset. You think, “We're Americans darn it. We deserve better!” Why?

If you really expect to be taken care of, then I feel sorry for you. That philosophy is so very limited and based upon the sympathy of either the government or non-government aid organization. Even if it occurs, it will never be perfect and it will only last for a brief period.
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