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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Medicinal uses for garlic

People don't know much about medicine nowadays. They rely upon trained personnel, and that's fine as long as civilliation exists in an organized manner. Tribal people had to be generalists because the distance to a large urban area might be extremely far away, and by the time someone might be able to seek medical treatment, it would be too late. It also might be too expensive.

Post-collapse, we'll have very few medicines available. This means that we need to understand a handful for basic needs. Over time more and more knowledge can be accumulated, but most people will resist learning with a passion. They don't want to bother learning, so as effective shaman-in-training, we want to understand this human dynamic, and then wait (or better create) teachable moments in which to impart that knowledge.

I've previously talked about many many herbs that can be foraged or grown. Had I written a long missive detailing all of them at once, less than 1% of you would have bothered to read it. Isn't that correct? Take this to heart, because you'll be using the same technique to teach and pass it along in your own style.

Garlic is an extraordinary healing plant. Most people have a theoretical knowledge that it helps reduce blood pressure due to lessening fatty deposits of inflammation in the arteries (athereosclerosis). When you say a word like that, most people get a vague bored look, and you immediately lose their interest. That said, over their lifetime 100% of Americans and those on Western diets in which animal saturated fats will be consumed will have some amount of this disease. Isn't that a conundrum? Even young children on a Western diet will show traces of the inflammation. It doesn't matter much until the body wears down or is in a depressed state with lowered immune response.

Besides that property, garlic is an extraordinary wound healer. In the absence of antibiotics, it will be the primary means of eliminating infections. It kills many bacterial infectins, many fungal infections, and helps with parasites too.

[link to www.backwoodshome.com]
[link to www.yourmedicinalplants.com]

Take it raw, as cooking destroys the chemical compound which is believed to be the chief one that gives it healing power.

I believe, and I don't have evidence of this, but most healing plants have synergistic ways of healing by many phytocompounds within them. I believe that the Source placed these healing compounds in the plants as a gift. We think that one is the active ingredient, but I believe that it all works together for healing.
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