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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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cheer I really like how you explain beyond the usual 'ground-level' prepping.

On a personal note, have been slowly prepping for almost a year, the last several weeks $$$ have been very tight - what has made things easier is having food/toiletries/pet food etc as 'spare' downstairs.
Whilst we are not currently in DOOM it sure did feel good not having to stress about feeding the kids or cats!!!

(also listing what is used to make sure I replace what I use.)

hf rockon
 Quoting: MzTreeChick

Thanks. It's important to rotate stock, so using up from supplies and replentishing if a normal part of prepping. Most beginners think of prepping as a one time purchase of stock and then don't use it. It's why you hear people say that they don't prep anymore since they ended up throwing it out when it expired. We use our supplies like you do. That cushion means purchasing the goods when they come on sale versus when we simply run out of things.


Previously I've discussed using dandelion as a coffee substitute. The roots can be roasted, and particularly if blended with roasted chicory, then a very good tasting drink can be made in a French press.

Dandelion is an extremely common meadow plant and easily identified by its distinctive yellow flowers and seedhead. Every child can identify it, which means as shamans we want to teach about it. It produces great nutrition since it's high in Vitamin A and C, and a whopping 535% of vitamin K. This means that it's a valuable ally to prevent scurvy, but also night blindness and bleeding issues.
[link to nutritiondata.self.com]

Post-collapse, you won't be drinking milk unless you have goats or cows. Raising a cow is an intensive activity versus the much easier task of raising goats. This means you're looking for calcium sources, and eating three helpings of it a day would give you 30%. You'd need other sources, but you'd get some this way.

Medically, dandelion is a very good diuretic. That's important as hydrochlorothiazide(HCTZ) is one of the most common drugs for people post-40. It's helps reduce blood pressure. We want to teach overweight people plus people with pre-existing issues how to manage their blood pressure by taking it.

It's been used for liver issues. Many people have been chronically using alcohol and have damaged their livers. Since the liver is regenerative, by taking things that are liver tonics, we can help guide them back to health.
[link to www.yourmedicinalplants.com]

Most people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome can greatly benefit from taking it as it helps eliminate pain. See: [link to www.motherearthliving.com]
This will take some teaching as they've been told to avoid salads. Well yes, pre-collapse in general they should avoid eating tons of salad, but post-collapse they must eat salads to survive.

Note: don't collect it from roadsides as it absorbs toxins from the passing car exhausts. Find a good source from a meadow further away. Pick baby leaves since they're less bitter.

It actually should be cultivated. It was deliberately brought to the USA from Asia since it was a very useful plant. Any plant that isn't harvested will spread, and that's why dandelion is so prolific here. Never plant it in your garden as it's a nuisance, but the same could be said for fennel or mint as they also shouldn't be planted directly in gardens either.

Yes you can make dandelion wine, but the recipe requires lemons and oranges, so unless you live in a state that produces them like California or Florida, then I doubt you can precisely produce it. One could however approximate it by using a decoction of sumac berries to create the tart citrus notes.
[link to allrecipes.com]
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