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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Recycling and prepping

We'll all be homesteaders post-collapse. We'll be using agrarian skills like post-modern day people on a suddenly created frontier. Being isolated from our normal supply chains, we'll need to either produce the things we need, trade for them, find them in Nature, or scrounge around in junk yards and debris to recycle them.

Recycling this way is far different than gathering up aluminum cans to sell or donate. Recycling means to actually use those materials for other uses.

Say for example those aluminum cans I mentioned. The cans can be fashioned as batteries as previously detailed in earlier postings. The aluminum could be cut and used as a conductor of electricity. The can can be used as a candle lantern base since it's reflective. Lots of them can be assembled into a solar air heat exchanger, but only if you can find black paint too. The malleable of the metal means it can be reshaped into another tool . The tabs can be made into crude fish hooks.
[link to cache.lifehacker.com]
What can you think of using them for?

Plastic jugs like tough large orange juice containers can be made into water jugs that last a bit. Small water bottles make great asthma inhaler extensions, but only until the primatene lasts.
[link to cdn3.kevinmd.com]
Strong plastic bottles can be used with the SOLDIS method to purify water on rooftops or with intensely focused mirrors or parabolic lenses.

But think outside the box. If you had a solar backup generator, then you could briefly power up a garbage disposal. This means that you could divert the mash into a container and then quickly compost the debris which greatly facilitates the process. In a more complex setup, the mash can then be used ina biodigester to make methane. This means using the garbage disposal that isn't powered up post-collapse in a new way.

Everything in your home now become important since they're irreplaceable. Old clothing will still fit someone and can be traded. Old tires become roofing shingles or shoes (see precious postings).
[link to webecoist.com]
Old bicycle tires or worn belts may become the pockets for slings.
[link to www.survivalbill.ca]
Maybe a bicycle tire works as a crude belt replacement for a fashioned motor to turn a gearbox.

You won't have spare parts from a store anymore. You have to find ways of making them. Foraging isn't just in the woods and grasslands. It happens inside your home too.
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