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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Shepherd's Purse: Help for bleeding

Chances are Shepherd's Purse grows in your yard. It's so very common but missed by most people unless they're looking for it. It's one of several plants which can be used in place of black pepper, but peppergrass works better for that culinary purpose.

It has been used by the ancients as a means of controlling bleeding. There's nothing more frightening then a delivery that turns into a hemorrhage situation. You can pulverize the entire plant (topside half) dried or fresh for that purpose.

It can be taken internally for stomach bleeding (ulcers). It can be applied as a poultice externally on a wound, but you should apply garlic as an antibacrial and or soldier's herb (common plantain) as well. The latter will reduce the stinging and relieve some pain.

When a woman stops taking oral contraceptives, then her monthly flow returns. When this happens, a heavier than normal flow will occur as her endocrine system tries to balance out her normal hormone levels. Shepherd's purse tea help limit that, which is very helpful should you be bugging out through the woods or hunting when it occurs.

It's easily indentified, and so you should be teaching these kinds of plants to your children as well. They may be out doing chores and get hurt and then they can learn how to treat an injury quickly. Sometimes handling it immediately helps deal with it better. This is one of those skills that you'll be teaching as parents and educators in lieu of regular school post-collapse.

All of the skills I am trying to get you to learn build upon each other.
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