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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Books in history were extremely expensive prior to the printing press. In the old days, scribes were educated people who created books by hand. They knew the skills of making scrolls from animal skins or paper, then they carefully recopied existing books using inks which they fabricated themselves. Owning a book was rare and only the very wealthy had them. The reason was simple, it took a learned person perhaps a year to reproduce a single volume.

It wasn't until people like Gutenberg created the printing press that pamphlets and books were available for purchase. A scribe was no longer needed since a machine could produce the reading material far faster.

While many cities have libraries, post-collapse it's very likely that books will be burned for a variety of reasons. Some will no doubt be burned to provide heat. Some people will burn books for use as cigarette paper. Both have happen previously in history in wartime and during collapses. Religious fervor often creates censorship during those dark times, and book burning is common.

Books are among the most valuable items you possess today in your preps. No one can easily memorize the information inside them. Because they take up so much space, many preppers have gone to electronic books as a way to store them. It is possible though that due to EMP or natural disaster or lack of power that you'll be unable to utilize ebooks. That means a prudent prepper will have BOTH.

Regardless, having paper and ink is essential for prepping. Besides the knowledge we have now, you'll be journaling things by hand on a daily basis. You'll be recording how the crops are doing based upon changes you've made by soil amenities like animal manure, wood ashes, different kinds of humus, crop fruit rates, germination rates, yields, etc. You'll be writing down how well some animal feed or reproduce, or how often they get sick and what are the symptoms and what seems to help them thrive.

You'll be journaling about how your children are getting along with homeschooling. What lessons seemed to excite them? Which lessons didn't inflame their desire to learn? What should be changed when a younger child gets older?

Knowing how to make paper and ink will be important. Existing paper will most likely be burned by a lot of people. You can recycle yours into new paper. Inks can be made by things like pokeweed. All inks can fade, so understanding how to make them last is essential. Imagine writing many copious notes and then they become lost.

In ancient societies, information was often handed down from one generation to another by this means. Scrolls and books preserved old wisdom and information. The newer generation might not value that until they got older and re-read the books. Because of experience and maturity, they reassessed that information and grasped the value in it.

Please take this to heart.
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