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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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How long will it be until things return to normal?

After a collapse of society most people assume that things will return to normalcy in a matter of days. When that doesn't happen, they still are fairly calm as long as they can feed themselves and have water. If not, then a state of panic begins. If the population density is high and if the disaster is widespread, then based upon leadership and supply chains, that population at risk may see weaker members begin to perish.

In a protracted disaster, the deaths of society members and increasing hardship of its community will produce anger and resentment. As it continues, then riots are common, for while people are naturally somewhat calm when supplied with basic necessities, they have no reason to maintain that facade when threatened with declining health and death.

Rioting will ramp up as vocal members and natural leadership begin to fill the void of the leadership from the non-affected or less affected areas. If there are people with supplies within the same zone, and there is a high existing criminal element, then most likely people will steal in order to survive. When both groups combine you have a conflagration.

In a systemic collapse, it's very possible that it could take a year to return to normal, if at all. If the systemic collapse exists outside the natural boundaries of a country, then it might take a decade to return to normalcy.

Since some countries have more supplies and produce more goods easier than others based upon ability and natural resources, those countries may maintain order easier. It mostly depends upon their level of security, armaments, supply chains, and leadership. If a country isn't stable, then civil war is always possible. In times of combined collapse and civil war, most likely the ethos and organization will radically evolve into something new.

Consider the American Revolution compared to the French Revolution. The American Revolution occurred in a newly established group of colonies far away from the central organizing autocrats. The French Revolution occurred within the same area of the autocrats. Both occurred during the time of the Enlightenment in which church and nobility were rejected for the rights of the common man. After a repetitively short period of revolution in the newly created USA, some normalcy was reestablished. In the aftermath of the French Revolution, great violence seized France with some of the very same revolutionary leadership imprisoned during the time of Robespierre. Many were executed.

How do you think a collapse and revolution would play out in Western nations today since there isn't isolation anymore as colonies?

Probably, out best example of what to expect in the USA would be to study the Civil War.
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